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BYTE-LINE custom builds desktop computers and workstations designed to fit your business needs. Top performance hardware built to handle your tasks and get the job done. No extra software or bloatware to uninstall, just performance out of the box with only the software you request.
* Dimension:180(W)x420(H)x420(D)=7.10"x16.55"x18"
* Max. Motherboard size:12"x10"
* 4 open 5.25" drive bays
* 1 open 3.5" drive bays
* 5 hidden 3.5" drive bays
* A total of 10 drive bays
* Built-in 2 front USB 2.0+Audio Output
* An 80mm blue LED fan installed in the back
* 480watts SATA Cable power supply, compatible with 20/24pin MotherBoards
* Rear Fan Mount x1 for 80mm / 90mm Cooling Fan
* Toolless Thumb Screws
* Clear Side window w/ precut Vent and 80mm fan mounting grill.

BYTE-LINE uses only AMD processors in our desktops & workstations. Depending on your business needs, we provide SSD as well as standard SATA hard drives to best fit your performance or storage needs.